Matt Goss is returning back to the UK after more than a decade in Vegas to take on the British charts.

The star – who achieved critical acclaim Stateside with a residency at Caesar’s Palace is to base himself in Britain as he releases a new album and single.

Matt said how being back in the UK will make him feel closer to his beloved mum Carol, who died of cancer in 2014.

He said: “I’m based in LA and will be coming back to the UK later this year and I’ll also be looking at homes to spend more time there. I really need to put my boots on the ground, definitely London. I’ve got to get back to London, my home.

“When I used to land my mum was the reason it felt like home. I’d make that phone call and she’d meet me at the hotel. That obviously doesn’t happen any more.”

He says he has been buoyed by the incredible success of his and twin brother Luke’s documentary After the Screaming Stops, in 2018.

Matt says: “Since the documentary the British public have been an extended family to me. There’s this incredible love and familiarity. People come up and give me a hug. My days in the UK are hugging and talking to people. I’m part of the furniture in the UK and it’s a nice feeling. It’s this feeling of a big extended family.

“It doesn’t matter which restaurant I go to, which shop I go to, people talk to me like they know me which I prefer. I love that. I don’t get any s*** from anybody. People give me a nice time. We talk about all kinds of things. It’s been a beautiful time in my life.”

Matt will be releasing a new solo pop album The Beautiful Unknown towards the end of the year.

A new single, Somewhere To Fall, will be the first taster of new music from the album, and released on August 20.

Matt said he was “very proud” of his legacy in Vegas, although vowed not to “close the door completely”.

He says: “It was an incredible experience. I haven’t announced to anybody that I’m not going to do Vegas but I guess now I am. When mum died I was on 120 planes a year. I wanted to be in a place where the audience came to see me. Now, I want to go to Berlin and Paris and Madrid and Tokyo and London. I want to get out and tour.

“If I do go back at all I would only go back and do a long weekend at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace.

“I am very proud of what I did in Vegas but it’s time to get back to the world. I want to see an audience that I haven’t seen for a long time. I’d like to head back to the stadiums and arenas.”

Matt told how he was determined to give some of his favourite American artists a “run for their money” with his new album, The Beautiful Unknown.

He says: “I am far from ready to hang up my hat. I want this journey in pop to restart in an authentic way and in a way I can walk into a room and know I’ve made a great record. This album smashes anything I’ve done.

“I know When Will I Be Famous and I Owe You Nothing are imbedded into people’s minds. I’m proud of those songs. I’m always proud of what happens when I play those songs in front of any crowd.

“This first single I’m really proud of but we have plenty to follow up with. We have a whole five single plan.”

He described working on the album as “cathartic” as he processed the grief of losing his mum.

“It addresses a lot of pain and desire to come back strong,” he explains.

Matt says how the Bros documentary brought him and Luke closer together, even if their ups and down were all played out on screen.

“The movie was an incredible experience for us. I didn’t realise the pain he’d gone through and Luke didn’t realise the pain I’d been through. To lose my sister at the height of it all, then my mum was only 67 when she passed.

“We didn’t think we’d ever get on stage together again. In a way we had therapy with the whole world. There’s a certain dysfunction in all our families. We did not want to make a movie which was like: ‘Aren’t we amazing?’.

“That’s not life. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a tiny bit of dysfunction. We certainly had our fair share of that. It was like walking knee-deep in mud. We had to get through all that c*** to the common denominator – real love.”

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