It was announced today that Matt has signed up for this years Strictly Come Dancing

Matt was unveiled on ITV’s This Morning today as the 8th celebrity.

Speaking to This Morning presenters Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle, Matt said: “I’m excited, I’m nervous. You have the conversation and then you go about your day and you think, ‘I’ve got to dance.’ I’m eating everything that’s favourable to Spandex. I’ve got to make sure it’s alright, I’m excited.”

He added: “I’ve been almost reclusive. I come to the UK, I work and go back to America. I just thought, ‘You know what, it’s time for me to come home, just do something completely out of my comfort zone’ … I’m quite shy off stage. I just have to face all those demons and just learn.”

Watch Matt on This Morning below, and Keep updated here with who Matt will be partnering.

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