Firefly – Loverush UK Radio Edit

This is the brand new unheard remix of Matt Goss ” FIREFLY ”
This remix is the LOVERUSH UK RADIO EDIT
Love Rush are Mark Loverush & Kinky Roland
Set to be a huge hit this summer, the massive new anthem “Firefly” featuring the vocals of Matt Goss
Listen to this brand new remix below

After you have heard the remix, please leave a comment, and let us know what you think of this new remix

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  1. mattlookalike

    absolute stonker of a track, matts unique voice combined with the mixing capabilities of loverush uk, wow amazing stuff.

  2. Tanja

    WOW…I like this version!!! Give me a dance mood 😉

  3. 24/06/2010

    Absolutely fab as always from Matt! He really has an amazing voice and it is such a shame that the whole world at present doesn’t always get to share his genius! Well done to Loverush UK on a great remix. Bring on a massive hit!

  4. 23/06/2010

    i love this track and congrats on matts new contract with ceasers palace. the guy’s a mega star.

  5. 23/06/2010

    I’m still waiting to hear about the release date when it will be on itunes. As soon as i hear anything i will let everyone know.

  6. jues

    I love this song, and remix is fantastic, can here it bieng played in clubs & pubs all summer long…when can we download it?!!! X

  7. 73petr

    Velmi p?kný remix,jsem rád že je kone?n? venku nej muzika a za to všem díky.Mattuv vokal super není co dodat jeho hlas je prost? STAR a doufám že do budoucna o n?m uslyšíme více i u nás doma v czeh republice.Moc díky Matt

  8. I can Just make three comments, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT ! I want to dance to It PLEASE !

  9. Helen

    Love the song. It will be a big hit. Please tour again in England/Wales. love………you xx keep smiling

  10. Shahida

    Absolute tune – really got me shaking my arse! Loving the vocals from the v lovely Mr Matt Goss, a true gent 🙂

  11. 14/06/2010

    Great song, Matt! Thanks for posting the remix.

  12. 13/06/2010

    Hi Mark
    As you can see from the comments for your remix, everybody loves it.
    As soon as you have any info on when it will be available for sale, please let me know


  13. Kame Lee

    Awesum Matt n yes do DO Shine Lyk a FIREFLY 😉 love always Kame xXx

  14. Corine

    It’s the best remix I’ve heard so far !

  15. 13/06/2010

    Hi All, just wanted to say a big thank you for all the wicked comments, it was a great pleasure for us to remix the massive “Firefly” single and really hope it does well in the UK and around the world.
    Sorry about the voice going through it, its only down to copyright issues and won’t be on the version when released.

    Best wishes
    Mark and Kinky aka Loverush UK!

  16. Annmarie

    Matt has by far the most amazing voice i have ever heard! From the days of Bros till now he is just fantastic!

  17. 13/06/2010

    The ladies voice is only for copyright reasons, i don’t think her voice will be on the actual single version

  18. Erullisse

    Edregol maer – Love it! Firefly is one of my favs and this is a great addition to the remix collection. ~E~

  19. Joanne Anand

    Brilliant…will really get people moving, my favourite remix so far!!!! Wish they wouldn’t keep repeating “hey this is Jess”…all the bloomin way through though, was distracting!!! Love it though, love it love it love it!!!!!!!! xxx

  20. Sue

    Love it! I prefer this out of all the remixes 🙂

  21. Heather

    Great song Matt. Pity you had to go to America to find success and happiness. Wish you well with your career. Hope this gets plenty of playtime in the UK.

  22. betty

    Yes, love the song Matt. Everyone is right. Great dance song for the summer! I love that we’re shinning like a firefly. Nothing can shine so bright…

  23. Sylvia

    awwwwww LURVE this tune, listen to that sexy beast lol!! well done this is my summer anthem 😉 xx

  24. Melissa Wray-Corner

    I really enjoyed listening to this remix. A little different to the rest. Hoping itunes will have it to download soon…

  25. 12/06/2010

    Love it! Love it! Love it!
    This is just awesome, its a great tune with the magnificent voice of Matt, cannot wait to buy this.

  26. 12/06/2010

    This remix is awesome, I can’t wait to buy this. It would be fantastic to get this into the UK charts, this is without doubt a massive hit.

  27. 12/06/2010

    I love it . Magnificent voice of Matt. I would like very much downloading it.

  28. SPK

    I love this!

  29. Lisa Maria O'Reilly

    wow i love this, would love to download this and put it on the ipod. then i will be blasting it out the windows. Such a great track for summer 🙂

  30. Joanne Jenkins

    Love it…….proper summer dance hit!!

  31. Cheryl kane

    I love this tune !! Its so fresh and vibrant, a real summer tune !!

  32. lyn turner

    as always Matts gorgeous voice is great listening on this excellent remix,i wish it well,sure to be a huge hit.

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