Matt is in today’s Metro newspaper. Read the interview below

Matt Goss, 45, is best known as the singer with 1980s pop stars Bros. He lives in LA and performs at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas in a show he is bringing to London.

You look so much like David Beckham in your video for the song Mustang.
David Beckham looks so much like me! But I get it all the time, people going: ‘Oh, I didn’t realise David Beckham was playing Caesar’s Palace.’ I’ve met David. He’s a lovely guy. We were getting a tattoo done at the same place and I said: ‘Why don’t WE just do the Bros reunion?

We heard you weren’t averse to doing a Bros reunion show.
I can only speak for myself and it really shouldn’t be that difficult to do a big outdoor show or even a stadium again. We had enough hits and I could add a few of my new ones. I think it would be a phenomenal show. But I do know we would only do it if it could be a spectacle. I’m up for it but I won’t speak for Luke or Craig. If the right promoter came forward with a firm offer, I think it would happen.

The vibe of your new solo album is quite old-school.
Sonically, it’s very contemporary but I wanted it to sound like you were listening to an old record. It immediately puts you in a certain mood. I draw on everyone from Frank Sinatra to Nat King Cole to Elvis…

And you’ve covered a Bros song on it as well, haven’t you?
Yeah, I did a cover of When Will I Be Famous? I’ve been playing that song in Vegas for five years… hang on, can I answer this call? [He answers.] Sorry, that was my brother.

Do you speak to him every day, then?
Well, we don’t really see each other a lot because we’re both always all over the place. I’ve done 100 shows this year already and he’s making films. But we hook up online on video games.

It’s funny with twins because of that connection but do you ever get competitive?
No. To be honest with you, I have such an eclectic life. Like, I’ve just got back from the White House, I’ve just done a show in Chicago and I played the Albert Hall. And it’s funny, I did a big interview yesterday and all they wanted to talk about was stuff I was doing 20 years ago.

You seem a bit down today.
I’m feeling quite reflective today. I’ve got so much shit going on in my life.

Why, what’s happened?
My mum’s not very well at the moment and, personally, I’d like to be a little more centred, I’d like to have a significant other.

Are you single, then?
I’m coming out of something. So I’m single, yeah.

Aren’t you going to relish being single?
I just want to be happy. I’d love nothing more than going round the world with my missus and have a family and take full enjoyment of their full head of hair. I just want what most people want.

What’s the whole Las Vegas experience like?
It used to be all about glamour but has it gone a bit sleazy now? It used to be glamorous in the Rat Pack days, then it went through a stage where it was synonymous with The Buffet, but now I think it’s more glamorous than it’s ever been. Vegas has the most stylish restaurants in the world. I mean, next to my showroom is Nobu.

You’re in your forties now. Was that a crisis moment for you?
No, not at all. I’m a man. I love being a man. I look after myself, I box every day and, being a man, we’re lucky really because we still get hit on by 21-year-olds. I think it depends on what energy you put out there.

You still have a really London accent.
Oh, that’s good to hear. Sometimes people say I’ve lost my accent and that irritates me.

Do Brits hang out together in LA?
Yeah. There’s a massive British contingent in LA. I’ve definitely got British friends and we definitely hang out but, again, a lot of Brits here are in the industry and travel about a lot as well. Mel B’s out here and she’s really cool, I like her a lot, she’s one of my favourite people out here. She’s a good girl. Kelly Osbourne lived in the same building as me and she’s really sweet. And Sharon, her mum, I adore. She’s a legend. A very, very smart woman and very strong-willed and super sensitive and super nice. She’s what you’d want her to be.

Your style is quite consistent. Looking back at the Bros days, your shapes and styles are still quite similar.
I’ve always loved fashion. But that’s the one lesson I’ve learned: to walk away from fashion and just wear what you like. Keep an eye on trends but just find your own style, then you won’t look back in ten years and go: ‘Oh my God!’ Though, I’m not going to lie, the waist in the Bros days was a bit high. I don’t think I’ll ever pull my waist that high again, for many reasons. Obviously, the jewels can’t take it any more.