Piers Morgan wrote about Matt in his Daily Mail Column.
Read below what he said about Matt

‘Hi, Piers – it’s been quite some time since we last spoke,’ read an email in my inbox this morning. It certainly has. The author was Matt Goss, former lead singer of Bros, the first real modern-day boy band. As a young pop writer, I was there at the start, middle and ignominious end of their brief yet phenomenal reign. Ironically for a band whose biggest hit was I Owe You Nothing, they broke up after they were beset by crippling debts (I remember them admitting to me at the time that nobody had ever explained the difference between ‘net’ and ‘gross’ – something I suspect Simon Cowell HAS explained to the current successors to their throne, One Direction).

Matt’s email continued, ‘I’ve made a new album. I have a great respect for you, and would love your opinion on it.’ He included a link, so I played the album, entitled Life You Imagine. And I loved it.
Matt always had a brilliantly soulful voice, and this collaboration with legendary music producer Ron Fair – who mentored everyone from Christina Aguilera to The Black Eyed Peas – brings out the best of it.
Amazingly, I discovered he’s now performing his solo act to sell-out crowds in Las Vegas – after landing a three-year residency at Caesar’s Palace.

The boom-to-bust cycle in pop music is a tried, tested and ultimately often tragic journey into inevitable oblivion. I’m genuinely delighted to see Matt Goss back BOOM-ing again.