Matt did a question and answer session on Twitter last night
Here are some of the questions and answers.

@Wilma_Muller: Are you superstitious? … I used to be but i dont believe in it anymore i think it can weigh u down. Positive thinking

@AndyMcGann: Why did you thank Janet Street Porter on The Time album? … She always looked out for us ! Xo shes lovely

@MrsKateG: The Savoy hosted a Very Special evening … Was it what you wanted it to be? … I want to create amazing memories 4 US!

@toddm6: What is your favorite chill out place? … On stage when i sing.. No emails, no calls, no texts, just a soulful connection.

@JustForFun16: You should play at the Eiffel Tower – The 1st platform holds 3,000 people! … Now thats my kind of show

@xJulieLeeSx_MG: Do u know if November is defo yet? … Yes london in november! Then maybe Paris!

@LisatheTaff: Any plans for your birthday? … Yes i plan to be 1 year younger!

@VickyLondon: When you met fans years ago, would you have believed that we’d still b around supporting you today? … Yes i believed u all!

@LipGossy: Will you ever do an animated version of Bear Crimbo? … Thats one of my dreams!

@AJDR69: Which one of your songs contain your most favourite lyrics? … Firefly, but im very proud of the Gossy album

@robbieglover: what’s your favourite track from The Key album & fave film that Luke’s done? … House of accused & all of Luke’s films!

@Rubylight_Mrs_S: Which premier league football team do you support ? … My grand dads team Millwall

@LisatheTaff: How about doing a show more up north England too? .. I want to !!

@4_butterfly: Can u tell us what the mood of the new album is? … Glamourous, strong, positive!

@Gailjovi: Have you signed that film deal 2 play Christian Grey yet? … Yes almost, I have to work on my six pack. It’s in the fridge!

@jacks112: How does it feel knowing that your songs hold so many memories & speak to so many hearts? .. It’s why i write

@Kiamimi: Any plans to come to Miami for a show? … Yes i’m coming to Miami in November

@xJulieLeeSx_MG: what’s ur opinion on the Prince Harry in Vegas photo situation? … He should B allowed to have fun who ever sold the pics are lowlife !!

@allaboutthemac: Will you be doing any meet and great when u come to London ? … Yes!

@diceandtux: How long did it take to write Lovely Las Vegas? … 1 night, i finished it at 4am.

@xJulieLeeSx_MG: do u have any fond memories of school? … Kiss Chase

@JustForFun16: What extravagant item do U have that U could not give up at any cost? … My Gramps bible. It’s 100 years old he had it with him in the war.