Matt is in todays SUN newspaper in the UK.
It is a 2 page spread, and the heading says ” America’s New Sinatra ”
Matt talks about why he moved to America, his Jeans company,
a licensing company, and still making records.

Matt says

I’m a South East London boy and don’t know when to quit. I view my life as a sandstorm and
if you keep putting your right foot in front of your left foot that sandstorm will come to an end.
A strange part of me felt i was in this shallow grave. I didn’t feel fullfilled.
It was like being somewhere between alive and dead creatively. I was a Ferrari and i knew
i could reach all kinds of speeds but i wanted to floor it, and i feel like i am flooring it now,
and that feels nice. Caesars Palace truly is a national platform. You might be playing Caesars
but you are also playing to the world. You get a constantly different audience.
The last show we played The Palms, a girl took her bra off and rolled down the front of her dress.
Then she started taking her dress off. It was strangely appropriate.

Read the full interview HERE