Matt Goss Joins Caesars Palace For New Vegas Show

It has been announced today that Matt Goss will be heading to Caesars Palace with his LIVE Vegas Show. Matt will play at Cleopatra’s Barge every Friday and Saturday Night at 10.00pm starting on March 12th 2010. Cleopatras Barge, the party lounge that opened in the 1970’s will get a face-lift in time for the opening show.

Tickets will go on sale on Saturday 30th January, priced at $40 including tax, at the Colosseum box office.

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  1. 20/06/2010

    Congratulations Matt for your new show in Vegas, you deserve the success which you have. I am a fan of you since Bros. I haven’t seen the show yet but I hope that will come true one day. Thank you for all your great songs, your magnificent and unique voice. I would always support you & I wish you the Best . Much love, Valérie !!!!!

  2. Stella Uk

    And you will go on to even bigger things too Matt after Caeser’s. Hope I can get there. x

  3. Carol Cooper

    Matt, this is brilliant news. Not only for your career, which is blossoming fabulously btw, but also gives me some more time to get my ass to Vegas and come see you. Is just a dream at the moment but hoping to make it a reality soon.
    My support and a whole load of love is still with you Geezer! Take care xxx

  4. Lisa Maria O'Reilly

    What amazing news, we all guessed right…lol so happy that you are on the strip now!! Im so proud to have seen the show twice at the palms and i will be doing everything i can to go to Caesars Palace too. So proud of you Matt, much love to Robin for doing an amazing job too. See ya soon

  5. Dorus van den Berg

    Big up to Matt and Robin Antin. What fantastic news! Congratulations on landing this gig, well done mate, I’m so proud! And I sure hope the people at Caesars Palace realize they struck gold with this signing.

  6. Family Man's Daughter

    Hiya Mate,

    Wonderful news, will try my best to come and see you…we are very proud of you back here in the UK – Love and Miss you as always, show them how it’s done Soldier – Love ya mate ;0) xxxxxxxxx

  7. vass

    Matt!!! This is YOUR year!! and it is going to be a very possitive one too! So happy about your carreer on the up! You were always our superstar but now you are truely our world class super star! We love you so much and cant wait for you to come and see us here where it all began. Caesars palace is a bit too far for me to travel from the UK 🙁 Good luck with everything even though you dont need it …they are so lucky to have YOU!! xxxxx

  8. Felicity

    Matt, I’m thrilled for you!!!!!!!

    So glad you’ve got another avenue in which to show the world your amazing talents!!

  9. Isabelle

    Hiya Matt,

    I first would like to congratulate lovely you for this amazing BIG NEWS you did bring us (fans) about doing the shows now at the Caesars Palace! It’s really huge and I really AM very proud of lovely you! You really do deserve all this as you really worked very hard for having that!! Show everyone that you definatly are here to stay okay? So pls take very special care of your lovely self, God bless ya & keep the faith alive!! Lots of love, hugs & kisses, Isa xxx

  10. Daniel Cruey

    Hi Mate,
    So I came with my wife to your first and last show at the Palms. I can honestly say that I have come to admire your music and was blown away by your performances. You are a very dynamic artist and have shown many sides of your talent. From one guy to another you definitely deserve a nod!

  11. Irene Cruey

    Matt ,
    I am absolutely thrilled about you going to Caesars palace. Definitely the perfect place for a KING!
    I will be there to give my love & support. It is exciting to have been your devoted fan for all these years and to have seen your career flourish in such an blinding way. Your determination and devotion to you craft can now be seen by all.
    Much Love Always

  12. Nikki Kravanis

    I am so excited the Matt Goss-Live in Las Vegas show is here to stay! I had the pleasure of attending 22 of the shows at the Palms and hope to make it over to Caesar Palace AT LEAST as many times 🙂 If you haven’t yet seen the show, find a way to get there!! You will not be disappointed! Caesars Palace – – Congrats on snagging a truly amazing artist. You will not be sorry you made this deal!!

  13. lynn butler

    great news. so happy for u matt. i hope to get over to see you. xx

  14. Claire Harris

    Congratulations Matt you absolutely deserve it. Guess I’ll have to break out the Valium and get on a plane now (but if I get to see you it’ll be worth it). I’ll see you in Vegas Baby! xxx

  15. Lisa Hughes

    Matt what amazing news!!!! Well deserved. xxxxxx

  16. Lily Riga

    Extremely pleased for you Matt and I hope lots more people fall in love with your amazing talent like us loyal fans of 20+ years. I knew 2010 was going to be a wonderful year! That long flight from Melbourne will be sooooo worth it (again!!). See you at the end of April xoxox

  17. Antonia

    2010 is Matts Year, As he continues to entertain his loyal fans, He is also Making the World Sit up & listen!

    I know it has not always been laugh Matt, But your doing it & what a Fantastic Job you are doing!!! Keep Up the Amazing Work. We are listening & watching and your making us proud. It has been a pleasure to follow you on your Journey over the years. Thank you for all the lyrics wrote for us to feel & Thank you for never giving up!!

    We will always be watching & listening for as long as you want us there. I know 2010 is going to be the best chapter yet in the Journey of Matt Goss!!!

    Sending Positive Energy & Much Love… Antonia

  18. Magnaline

    Fantastic news! I will definitley be flying back to Las Vegas to see the show! Congratulations Matt x

  19. Danny (dbdc)

    Great news Matt .. cant wait to see footage, its gonna be awesome!! Ceasars are lucky to have you!! 2010 – keep spreading the Goss-pel According To Matt!! 🙂 Onwards & upwards matey!! Much love .. R4P

  20. Kathi Young

    This is fantastic news Matt.I hope you have enormous success at the Palace.Extremely proud of you and love you heaps.xx Keep smiling 🙂

  21. Sammy

    So pleased for you Matt – its great news. Lovely Las Vegas and lovely Matt Goss – what a combo!!! xxx

  22. monica

    Fantastic, Matt in accion again, i´m very happy for him but i´m so sad too because i can´t see him, buaaaa….

  23. 28/01/2010

    I’m so proud of u Matt congratulations on the great news xx

  24. kerry stringer

    I think Matt goss news is fantastic well done Matt
    I’m so proud of u Matt congratulations on the great news xx

  25. Sue

    This is brilliant news! So happy for Matt.

  26. Sandra

    Congratulations Matt! Such great news! Will do what I can to come to LA some time this year! I have to see and hear this show, so many great reviews…

  27. Patricia Mackintosh

    Congrats Caesars Place on booking the Brilliant Matt Goss . He is an awesome Talent with a legion of very loyal fans. I for one will be flying from Sydney Australia to come back and see him in his new Home.
    Matt you are a fantastic performer and now a bigger audience will fall in love with you too. Enjoy the ride you deserve it.

  28. SPK

    Great news!

  29. Melissa Wray-Corner

    Awesome job Matt. This year will be about bigger and better things for you. I still think that $40 is too cheap for your show. Many people should take the time, while in Vegas, to watch you, your band,and the Dirty Virgins,light up the stage, like true professionals.I might have to think about another trip to Vegas now.Love you, Love your music. xx

    Coffs Harbour,

  30. Angel

    This is fantastic!! Matt deserves this 100%! We already know he loves Vegas and Vegas loves him right back. It was only a matter of time before this or something like it happened. Matt’s name up there next to some of the biggest names to ever make it thru Vegas, and in the history of music is RIGHT WHERE IT BELONGS! Matt your a kind, genuine, man with ALL the talent to go with it! Your jus gonna keep goin up. xxxxx

  31. Leah Bass

    Congratulations, Matt on your new gig. You have an amazing voice and it needs to be heard everywhere. Much love and success!!!!

  32. Joanne Anand

    So wonderful to hear Matt will continue to perform in Vegas and I hope it gives a lot more people the opportunity to see this phenomenonally talented young man in action. He is an astonishing talent.

  33. JustForFun16

    Congratulations Matt!!! – You knew that I knew where you were going on Saturday night. And I am so glad that it is in fact true that you will be on The Strip! You will now be right where you belong and I hope the show goes on for a very long time! I cannot wait to see the new show and venue and hear you perform live again!

    For anyone reading this blog – If you have not seen Matt Goss live you are missing out on an incredibly talented singer! Treat yourself to a weekend in Vegas at the Matt Goss Show!

  34. Wendy Morris

    OMG I’m so plzd Matt is moving to Caesar’s, The Palm’s was great but I’m going to have to get saving to get back and see him again!!! Congratulations Matt xx you deserve it xx

    Perth, Australia

  35. Liz

    Caesars made the Best deal ever to host the amazing Matt Goss. What a sensational musical talent! His show will wow even the highly critical. Congratulations Caesars with your New Star! You will certainly see me at his show!

  36. Kris

    Caesars Palace is very lucky to have Matt Goss performing at their hotel/casino! He is an amazing performer with a soulful voice! His laidback, classic style of singing and fashion will be a highliht on the Vegas strip! Make sure to follow him on twitter for all the updates of his new act!!! Follow @mattgoss today! Congrats Matt, you deserve the best of everything! Looking forward to seeing your new set soon!!!

  37. 28/01/2010

    Matt this was the news I was hoping for congrats glad you’re here to stay.

    Las Vegas way of Sheffield UK

  38. 28/01/2010

    So excited that Matt is staying in Vegas! I can commit to at least two weekends a month starting with opening weekend!

  39. Maria

    So excited that Matt will be performing at Caesars! I’m definitely taking a trip out to Vegas to catch this show. Can’t wait!

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