Matt Goss spoke to “Mornings” TV show in Australia this week about his time as a teen icon and what he’s up to now.

Matt first went to Australia in the 80’s where Bros were met by 11,000 fans at Sydney airport. “To me that’s truly one of the best memories of my life,” Matt told Mornings. “We kind of had that mayhem, they called it Bros Mania, we had that mania wherever we went. ”Matt says there “was something extremely special about Australia”. “I never forget that moment when the captain asked me to stay on the plane because they were still trying to find out a way of how to get us out of the Airport.” Matt never thought they’d receive such a strong reception in Australia saying, “As a simple south east London boy, we go across the other side of the world, we didn’t think anybody would know us.”

Watch the full interview HERE