Matt was interviewed for The Daily Express UK newspaper about the 5 things he can’t live without.
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My mum Carol is pretty much my best mate and when she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year I was devastated. Happily, she has just been given the all clear. She showed such grace and strength throughout her illness and was as interested as ever in what I was up to. My mother is just a really loving and supportive person and when my brother Luke and I put together Bros she backed us all the way even though we don’t come from a show business background. I am very close to my stepfather Tony and I adore my dad Alan and his wife Helen too. My parents’ marriage didn’t work out but they are both with partners who suit them so well and they all get on brilliantly. When mum was ill Helen was always on the phone to check how she was doing. Looking out for each other is what family is all about and I feel very blessed with mine.


I never go anywhere without one of my many bandanas with me. I am a pretty poor sleeper and particularly sensitive to light so I need to be able to cover my eyes. After a live show the silence can be deafening so before going to bed I wind down with a recording I have of a Native American sleep flute. Of course what I would really like is a loving wife to come home to but I am single at the moment and still looking. I really hope marriage and children will play a part in my future.


My fans have stayed with me over the years and I am incredibly grateful for their loyalty and support. They call themselves the Matt Goss Army and they really look out for each other. Recently one of my fans, a lady in a wheelchair wanted to come to a show I was doing in London but she had no transport. After a Twitter request for help was put out a couple from the Matt Goss Army arranged to pick the woman up from her front door and take her to the concert and home again.


I have been practising meditation for about eight years now and I have become a much calmer person as a result. If possible I try to mediate for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. I find it really helps me restore my balance and approach problems more objectively. Being thrust into the limelight like I was with Bros was quite difficult to deal with at times and over the years I have suffered from spells of anxiety. Meditation, particularly the group sessions I regularly do has helped me and these days I am a pretty peaceful person.


I have lived in LA for 20 years now. The climate and the buzz are fantastic. But what I love most is that my home, hidden in the hills, allows me to retreat from my public persona. I can sit outside and drink a glass of wine on my veranda and if I go out there won’t be cameras following me. I am still a London lad at heart and I am incredibly proud to be British but I have no desire to live in the UK again. At the height of Bros mania my mum would regularly have 400 fans parked out in the front drive and reporters monitored our every move. It was a crazy time and when the band came to an end I just wanted to escape. Here I can just be myself which I love. These days, privacy is probably one of my most prized possessions.

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Source: The Daily Express