Robin Leach has said the following about Matt in a recent article after seeing Matt’s LIVE Las Vegas show

“I hereby nominate British singing sensation Matt Goss as the leader of a new Rat Pack of Las Vegas stars. With all due respect, it’s time to retire the legend of Frank Sinatra and let Matt ascend to those heights!”

Put Matt Goss in a white tuxedo jacket, and you’d swear a real-life James Bond had walked into the casino. No wonder the British singer’s fans were swooning when the curtain went up on his premiere show at the Palms. Some audience members had flown in from as far away as England, Australia and other parts of Europe, and when I used Twitter during the show, I suddenly had more than 40 followers from London asking me for live song-by-song reports and photos! The Voice had the fully packed new Gossy Lounge cheering throughout his amazing, nonstop set of Bros hits, new original material and a couple of familiar oldies and not-so-known newbies! It was a night that captured and re-created the total feel of old Vegas entertainment — up close and intimate with a super singer at the top of his form.The backup nine-piece band became my instant heroes with their stunning sounds. The four new Dirty Virgin dancers in corsets and stockings with pink garter straps were enchanting, and the two backup singers, dressed in the sharpest and sexiest of flight attendant uniforms, can scan my ticket and strap me in anytime they want.The production was created and masterminded by Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin, who now has another bona-fide hit on her hands with their twice-a-week residency at George Maloof’s Palms. The hotel mogul was on hand with a bevy of bunnies from his Playboy Club for the first-night festivities.It was all a triumph, and right after the show, Robin told me: It all came together beautifully. Matt was fantastic. The music, the songs, the dancing, it just all worked like a winner should Luck Be a Lady Tonight and watermelon liqueur shots. Matt and Robin toasted each other’s success with champagne on the stage before fans wanting photos and autographs mobbed Matt.Matt added: It felt great for a first night. It’s here, and we’ll tighten and add now each week so it goes from great to the absolute best. I felt comfortable. I love Vegas. I loved the audience. It’s all a perfect match. Afterward, they went up to The Playboy Club to continue their first-night fun. If Matt had worn a white tuxedo, it would have been a scene from a 007 movie. Old-time Vegas with a modern flair has been reborn!

Robin Leach has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past decade giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.